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Ruhr District Tour 4   "Colliery, booth, colony" - the Ruhr, how it once was

A Ruhr area nostalgia tour for enthusiasts and prying persons

Many people still haven't given up the idea of the Ruhr area being a classic coal district: Colliers with a bottle of beer in their hands at a refreshment stand discussing soccer results, in the background dust grey smutty houses and huge industry buildings with permanently smoking chimneys.
But reality is different indeed. Colliers disappeared nearly completely from public scenery, coal pits and steel plants made way for marinas and the Ruhr district was elected as European Capital of Culture - despite sporadic Opel Manta drivers wearing cowboy boots fulfilling this old cliché.

This nostalgic tour brings you back to the classic "Ruhrpott", how it once was. You will get served all the typical ingredients: Smoking blast furnaces, a coking plant, a collery and a steel plant still in operation, a pit heap, a working-class colony, a football stadium, a pithead, a visit below ground and the smell of coal and the river Emscher - garnished with some stories from the old days and a few surprises.

If that shouldn't be enough for you - for the most intrepid visitors we offer an even more extended version of this tour, optionally with an additional sightseeing of a former iron works or a coking plant and/or a region-typical stew meal at a restaurant run by a soccer legend.

Operator: TSR
Meeting-point: Duisburg main station, coach station
Length: about 5 hours
What's included: Tour guide, bus transfer, guided tours at the German Mining Museum Bochum, up to the Tetrahedron Bottrop and working-class colony Eisenheim, entrance fees
Dates: no fixed days, all the year round on request
Price: 290€ (bus and entrance fees not included)
Special note: Please wear convenient and weatherproof shoes/clothing. Be prepared for a long climb up to the Tetrahedron.

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