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Ruhr District Tour 33   Forts, castles and manor-houses of the Ruhr valley between Mülheim and Hattingen

Behind the Ruhr district's industrial atmosphere a great deal of unexpected gems hide away as for instance an incredible number of forts, castles and manor-houses.

The ridges along the river Ruhr between Mülheim and Hagen have been ideal for castles. And in addition the domains of several important opponents bordered each other exactly here in the middle ages, namely the territories of the Counts von Berge, the Counts von der Mark, the Counts von Isenberg and the archbishops from Cologne. And all of them left their marks!

Go back in time on this tour to the world of the middle ages and listen to stories about armed conflicts, queens and robber barons, assassination and betrayal, the rise and fall of noble houses. During this Ruhr valley trip several stays of various length are on the schedule. The bus stops at House Kemnade, the ruins of Blankenstein, Altendorf, Neu-Isenburg and finally at Castle Broich.

Operator: TSR
Meeting-point: Stadthalle parking lot, Bergstraße, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Length: about 6 hours
What's included: Tour guide, bus transfer, guided tours at Haus Kemnade and Castle Broich, visits to the ruins of Blankenstein, Altendorf and Neu-Isenburg
Dates: no fixed days, all the year round on request
Price: 345€ (bus and entrance fees not included)
Special note: Please wear convenient and weatherproof shoes/clothing.

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