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Tour 32   Mülheim hiking tour

Starting at the Mülheim tourist information this tour leads on a scenic route through the Ruhr valley to Saarn and on the other side of the river across the Kahlenberg hill back to the inner city. En route of this ca. 13-14 km long circuit you see most of the important sights and historic buildings of the town.

To master this tour you don't have to show top sports performances. Rather we act upon the slogan "The journey is the reward". We will have breaks at many places and you will receive competent explanations about the characteristics on the way. During this hike you will visit Castle Broich, the former Monastery Saarn and the Bismarck Tower.

For those who prefer biking rather than hiking we offer the same tour with an additional side trip to Mintard and Kettwig! Have a look at our Tour 15.

Operator: TSR
Meeting-point: Mülheim tourist information, Schloßstr.
Length: about 4-5 hours
What's included: Tour guide, visits to Castle Broich and the former Monastery Saarn
Dates: no fixed days, all the year round on request
Price: up to 25 persons 290€
Special note: Please wear convenient and weatherproof shoes/clothing.

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