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Professional Ruhr district tours and Ruhr area tour guides

We offer you a great variety of guided tours at the Ruhr - on foot, on a bicycle, by bus, tram or boat, for younger or older persons, for families, groups or single travellers. We do a lot of industrial heritage tours for international groups. Some of our tours are unique - like the Ruhr valley castle trips.

You may also book us to guide you at some special locations like the "Landscape Park North" in Duisburg, the Coking Plant Zollverein in Essen or the Gasometer in Oberhausen. What about a city walking tour in Mülheim or through the picturesque Old Town of Hattingen?

To find all our Ruhr area tours just scroll down to the end of text or click on the "Tours" button.

If you don't know exactly what to see or where to go or if there's no appropriate tour for your purpose, just tell us something about your special interests, when you want to visit the region, how many persons you are, how much time and money you want to spend! We'll organize a fitting tour for you. If we can't do, we should know where to send you.

In search of a guide?

If you need a guide not only for the Ruhr but the surrounding area or an other destination in Germany or for a trip from here to somewhere else in Europe, just ask. Maybe we're able to help you even with that.

All necessary informations to contact us is at the end of text too or click the "Contact" button.

The best and easiest way to contact us is sending an e-mail, because our philosophy is to minimize bureau costs to offer you our good quality tours with fine service at the best possible rates. and we're looking forward to receive your suggestions and proposals to optimize our tours.

Guided Tours


Tetrahedron Bottrop
Mülheim, Camera Obscura
Essen, Pit Zollverein, Schaft 12
Gelsenkirchen, Stairway to Heaven